Our Niche

When considering starting another "new" professional services firm, a collective yawn could be heard during our first meeting.  We pushed for a niche and refreshing experience to ensure our clients' satisfaction. 

We focused on the questions:

  • why are we in business?
  • who can we service the best?
  • how can we ensure the best client experience?

We have a passion for market opportunities and business potential.  We determined that private investors and business owners with lower and middle market companies would benefit the most from our services.  We developed client commitments (see next) to safeguard each engagement. 


Our Commitment

- We prioritize the trust of our clients above all else

- We provide a transparent view to available experts or resources that can solve your issue (even if it means referring business away from our firm)

- We structure engagements to be held accountable for results 

- We integrate the most appropriate management method and tool for the business need

- We structure compensation to be fair - often aligning it with the outcome and never escalating expenses

- We let our clients give us assignments without aggressive “up-sale” or “cross-sale” tactics

- We will not force staff or inexperienced staff on projects

- We will be respectful, professional, honest, and diligent

About Our Team

The founders of Forward Foundations bring a complementary mix of executive management experience, business discipline, resources, and integrity to best leverage its niche focus.  From its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and based with the investment group Beta Business Ventures, it serves clients nationwide across a variety of industries, including health care, energy, business services, media and entertainment, business technology, higher education, and industrial services and equipment.